Dec. 14, 2022


As the nation readies for the possibility of another recession, it’s more important than ever for research universities to emphasize our contributions – from research and expertise to workforce development – to the industries that will fuel future success.

The booming demand for lithium, which powers everything from cellphones to electric vehicles, is forming a new chapter In Nevada’s rich mining history. Forecasts predict a fivefold increase in the global lithium-ion battery market through 2030. And the entire lithium life cycle, from mining to production to recycling, can all be done here in the Silver State.

That’s where UNLV comes in. Research geologists and economists at UNLV are working to bring the industry together in ways that will balance this potential boom in a manner that’s grounded in research and is both socially acceptable and environmentally-friendly. We’re convening experts, we’re sharing new research, and we’re refining academic and professional development programs to support a surge in demand.

I invite you to read more about UNLV’s role in Nevada’s new mining story. It’s another example of collaborations driven or supported by research universities nationwide that showcase our essential role in the success stories of our communities.  

Keith E. Whitfield, Ph.D.
UNLV President