Tim Jones
Oct. 22, 2021

Tim Jones '86 is Chair of the President's Associates Council at UNLV.

Being around similar MPA students in his time at UNLV, spending time with hands-on and approachable professors while discussing the challenges of course work and studying were moments in time that will forever live in the memories of Tim Jones. The energy on campus that was committed to the community, along with the amount of diversity that surrounded him on campus, would be what he could look back on and separate the mediocre from the exemplary college experience. UNLV creates opportunities for its students, no matter where they may come from or where they may want to go, and Tim Jones got to witness this firsthand.

Having worked in the Health and Safety Administration for over 25 years after starting his career as an Athletic Trainer at the University of Colorado - Boulder then moving to the State of Nevada Workers Compensation physical rehab center from there, which now houses the UNLV Dental and Medical schools, gave him a good name and reputation in his community. Afterward, he took that reputation and began work at MGM Resorts International as the Corporate Executive Director of Safety and Health. Being a Rebel and receiving his degree from UNLV, changed the course of his life forever, and allowed for his career to blossom.

Tim not only received a degree and rebel status from UNLV, but a “can-do” attitude that he says defines the very reputation of the university. He has taken this great attitude with him in both his personal and professional life. For the past 41 years, he and his wife have called Las Vegas home after arriving with the intention of staying for no longer than a couple of years. Tim feels that UNLV and it’s efforts to make Las Vegas a better place is the reasoning behind his volunteerism and other contributions over the years; namely serving as a Chair on the President's Associates Council. UNLV changed the life of a young man for the better, and he has done everything in his power to give back to the university he sees as a marvelous resource for all things education.