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Oct. 22, 2021

Alumna Annmarie Duran came to UNLV ten years after earning her BA in Business Administration and Marketing Management from Northwood University. While working in hospitality at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, she noticed that there was a large Asian clientele. She decided to take some Japanese language classes at the university so she could engage in casual conversation with the patrons. She then continued to earn her Master of Education, Curriculum and Instruction with emphasis in Mathematics, in 2003. While a student at UNLV, Annmarie mainly focused on her studies and did not attend many sporting events. When looking back at her time as a student, Annmarie’s fondest memories were the interactions she had with her professors. Annmarie mentioned Drs. Ford, Georges, and Speer by name, however, there were multiple professors who helped and encouraged her to pursue her master’s degree. Annmarie remained in contact with professor and mentor Annie Amoia throughout her teaching career with CCSD. By continuing her education, Annmarie says that, “I have become a better educator, facilitator, and manager of people (children, adolescents, young adults, and adults)”.

Annmarie chooses to be a Rebel in Action because it keeps her connected to the university. Although she jokes about receiving all of the free promotional items, she enjoys hearing people’s different stories and how they can come together for one common cause. She currently serves as a VIP Ambassador and Director of the LA/OC Alumni Chapter for UNLV. As a Southern California resident, she is working to unite UNLV alumni in the Life Science industry. She also is working with the UNLV Alumni Association to invite all Rebels to attend various events and social activities that the association hosts. Most recently, Annmarie and Southern California Rebels are planning to gather at Long Beach for the second Rebels Give (Day of Giving).  Due to the amount of research she does on causes that she promotes and believes in, people deem her to be a trustworthy individual. She prides herself on that.

Annmarie is currently working in the Life Science industry as a Business Development Executive and Program/Event Manager. She collaborates with student volunteers from UNLV, KGI, and UCI to create training and event experiences. Although she is a dedicated UNLV Alumni Ambassador, Annmarie also gives her talents to the Parental Drug Association, Device Alliance, Screen Actors Guild, the California Science Teachers Association, and the National Science Teachers Association. She is very grateful to all of the people she has come into contact with throughout all of these organizations.