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Oct. 22, 2021

Adriana Fralick, longtime Nevadan and proud Boyd Law School alumna.

In Adriana’s words, UNLV made sense. As a longtime Nevada resident, she gave the (then new) law school a chance after meeting with faculty and staff. She felt that the right people were in place to ensure the law school would excel and decided to take a chance. Adriana made her experience truly unique by taking classes that sounded interesting which gave her vast knowledge about many topics in the legal profession. She feels as if UNLV is a tight-knight community with an interest in helping others succeed and she feels that this support has helped her progress in her career. Based out of northern Nevada, Adriana is the Deputy City Manager for Carson City.

The current home of the law school is near the lustrous green space known as the East Mall. During Adriana’s time as an aspiring law student, the school was housed at the Paradise Elementary School.  What had once served as the elementary school's lunchroom was converted into the law library. The walk-in freezer remained and she and her study partner used it as a quiet place to study.  

Adriana is a Rebel in Action because UNLV, specifically the law school, has been good to her and she feels it is her way of giving back - she wants the school and its alumni to succeed. She has served as a regional network chair for the school. She creates opportunities for alumni to gather to support their local community such as organizing northern Nevada alumni for a park cleanup while sporting Boyd Law school shirts. In addition to representing UNLV and the Boyd Law School, she serves as the Chair of the Nevada Health Centers Board of Directors. 

Outside of her volunteer efforts on behalf of the university and her duties within the government sector, she places priority and attention to her most important role as a mother.