Dec. 12, 2021

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In accordance with the State of Nevada’s Risk Management Program, and pursuant to NRS 284.4065 and NAC 284.888, any employee involved in an accident that causes bodily injury, or damage to property believed to be in excess of $500, will be required to submit to drug and alcohol testing. UNLV administers this post-accident testing requirement in accordance with the State of Nevada’s Alcohol and Drug Program. These procedures outline UNLV’s post-accident testing in accordance with the State of Nevada’s Alcohol and Drug Program.

Post-Accident Testing Procedures
  1. If the employee during the performance of the employee’s duties, drives a motor vehicle in such a manner as to cause bodily injury to the employee or another person or substantial damage to property, meaning causes more than $500 worth of property damage or two crashes which cause damage to property within a 1 year period, , the employee must submit to a screening test. “Screening test” means a test of a person’s: (a) Breath or blood to detect the general presence of alcohol; or (b) Urine, blood or other bodily substance to detect the general presence of a controlled substance or any other drug, which could impair that person’s ability to perform the duties of employment safely and efficiently.
  2. The supervisor, department head, or department designee, hereafter referred to as “supervisor,” will have responsibility for initiating the process for testing as outlined in the State of Nevada’s Alcohol and Drug Program. Supervisors should be reminded that this is a sensitive personnel issue and the details of the events and test results should remain confidential.
  3. The supervisor will meet with the employee and inform them of the requirement to submit to drug and alcohol testing if possible.
    1. Employees will be subject to both drug testing (urine) and alcohol testing (breath).
    2. If the employee refuses to submit to testing, the supervisor will inform the employee that failure to test will be grounds for disciplinary action pursuant to NRS 284.40631 (b). The supervisor should not attempt to force the employee to comply with the testing requirement.
  4. The supervisor will assist the employee to complete the enclosed NPD-79 Non-DOT Breath Alcohol Test Request form.
  5. The supervisor will request a Concentra electronic chain of custody form from Risk Management and Safety (RMS).
  6. The supervisor will transport the employee to the testing site, where the NPD-79 and chain of custody forms will be given. The supervisor will wait with the employee at the testing site until notified the collection has been completed.
    1. Note, the employee will need to have some form of identification to present to the testing site.
    2. It is recommended you call the testing location to let them know you will be bringing an employee for testing.
  7. If the test is positive, or if testing results are not immediately available, the supervisor will arrange for transportation home for the employee (i.e. taxi, family member, supervisor/co-worker transport).
    1. If the employee refuses transportation home, the supervisor should attempt to persuade the employee to change their mind, however, the supervisor should not detain or physically restrain the employee. The supervisor should inform the employee they intend to call the police unless the employee accepts transportation. In cases where the employee refuses transportation and the employee’s condition suggest that the employee presents a potential or actual safety risk to him/herself or other drivers, the supervisor should notify the police by calling 911. The supervisor should state: “I am calling because I am concerned about an employee by the name of __________. Based on my observations of his/her behavior and performance today at work, I am concerned about his/her ability to operate a motor vehicle”. The supervisor should relay their observations to the officer, but not voice an opinion about alcohol or drug use.
  8. The supervisor should inform the employee that they are being placed on administrative leave pending the test results.
  9. RMS will inform the appointing authority, or their designated representative, of the testing results. The appointing authority, or designee, must provide written results of the screening test to the employee within 3 working days of receiving the results.
    1. If the test results are negative, the employee may return back to work.
    2. If the test results are positive, or if the employee refuses to submit to testing, the case will be referred to the Employee Relations Department for additional procedures.
  10. The cost of the test will be the responsibility of the department the employee is assigned.
Concentra Drug & Alcohol Testing Locations
  • 3900 Paradise, Ste. V Las Vegas, NV 89169 - Phone Number (702)-369-0560 - Hours Mon-Fri, 7:00am-6:00pm
  • 5050 Polaris Rd., Ste. 100 Las Vegas, NV 89118 - Phone Number (702)-739-9957 - Hours 24/7 For After Hours Testing