Mar. 1, 2022

Department: Physics and Astronomy

Supervisor: Qiang Zhu

Pay Rate: $12-15 per hour

Position Type: Public Contract

Scheduled Hours

10-20 hours per week in the Spring semester and 20-40 hours per week in the Summer term. Work can be performed remotely. Duration of the position is flexible.


Prof. Qiang Zhu’s group (from Physics and Astronomy) is hiring motivated students for research in computational design of functional materials via physical modeling, database and machine learning. The student workers will have the opportunity to develop the code, open database and perform physical simulations to design the materials via computational modeling all under the guidance of academic professionals within the scientific computations community.

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Python programming for on-line queryable database
  • Python/C programing for materials simulation code
  • Computer simulation of materials with the existing code
  • Weekly meeting with the team members

Working Conditions

This position does not require you to come to the office. 


We look for candidates with a background in programming with Python or C, as well as interest in physics and materials science. 

To Apply

Please contact Prof. Qiang Zhu via email ( with a brief description of your background in programming and interest in the opportunity.

You are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. There is a soft deadline set by the end of the Spring 2022 semester (5/14/2022) after which Summer work will have begun.