a woman stands in a stony desert landscape with a notebook in her hand, looking up at an immense rock.

Photo: Aaron Mayes.

Sep. 27, 2022

Open Call for Artists: Modern Desert Markings

Submissions due October 22, 2022

Land Art plays a unique role in Nevada’s artistic heritage. This is an open call for five to ten artists who will be chosen to produce work that responds to five historic Nevadan Land Art sites associated with artworks by Walter De Maria, Jean Tinguely, and Michael Heizer. The new pieces will be included in a group exhibition titled Modern Desert Markings, which is scheduled to take place at the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art in Las Vegas, Nevada, from March 14 – July 8th, 2023. All media are welcome, and artists at all stages of their careers are invited to apply. The selected artists will receive an honorarium for their work. 
Please send:
  • Statement of Interest 
  • One-page artist’s CV and/or biography 
  • Examples of five previous works
  • Information on proposed work (The final work cannot exceed 70” h x 80” w. This includes individual components of three-dimensional works.)

All application materials should be submitted in PDF format, in a single email, to Paige.Bockman@unlv.edu no later than 11:59 p.m. PST Oct. 22, 2022.

All of the chosen artists will be required to arrange their own transport to Las Vegas, Nevada, in November/December 2022 to join a field trip to at least one of the five Land Art sites with the curators. The sites are:

  • Walter De Maria, Las Vegas Piece, 1969 (Desert Valley, NE of Las Vegas)
  • Michael Heizer, Rift 1 (of the Nine Nevada Depressions), 1968 (Jean Dry Lake, S of Las Vegas)
  • Michael Heizer, Double Negative, 1969 (Mormon Mesa, NE of Las Vegas) 
  • Michael Heizer, Circular Surface Planar Displacement Drawing, 1970 (Jean Dry Lake, S of Las Vegas)
  • Jean Tinguely, Study for an End of the World No.2, 1962 (Jean Dry Lake, S of Las Vegas)

Exhibition Curator: Katie Hoffman, President, Nevadans for Cultural Preservation 

Exhibition Co-Curator: Hikmet Sidney Loe, UNLV Part-Time Instructor, Art History

Modern Desert Markings is supported in part by the Nevada Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, and Nevadans for Cultural Preservation.