Ground Works peer-reviewed collection of interdisciplinary arts projects
Nov. 18, 2022

General Call for Submissions

Ground Works welcomes submissions that integrate research and practice in the fine, performing, and applied arts and design with other disciplines. The Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities seeks a wide range of interdisciplinary works that pose a challenge to traditional peer review methods by inviting examination from multiple disciplinary perspectives. Eligible projects have achieved some initial recognition; they may be collaborative or sole-author, but should demonstrably advance multiple fields within and beyond the arts.

Irrespective of mediums and approaches, successful submissions will reveal the integrative processes behind their work. These projects are included in an online, open-access showcase of exemplar projects that contribute to understanding of the practices that underlie arts-integrative interdisciplinary work.

New submissions begin with a brief suitability review. This asks you to submit a short summary of the project, a statement of relevance, and appropriate links.

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Call: Creating Knowledge in Common

Guest editors: Shannon Criss, Kevin Hamilton, Mary Pat McGuire

This Ground Works special edition, Creating Knowledge in Common, centers university-community partnered creative inquiry: shared, open frameworks of knowledge-building that use a variety of tools for awareness, reflection, and creative making to ask questions and discover answers together. The Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities invites submissions that illuminate arts-integrative creative inquiry conducted by teams who build common ground through university-based and community-based approaches. 

In recent decades, universities have positioned themselves within a larger social system of change, sharing resources and using direct engagement and exchange to support knowledge creation across society. Community members also partner with faculty and students to establish common research and project goals, strengthened by a variety of ideas, knowledge, and perspectives. The arts and design fields provide a dynamic element to this research, advancing issues of importance to communities. 

This edition asks: What structures are needed to collectively and meaningfully build on diverse knowledge traditions from across academic and community practices? How do these efforts ensure that both processes of inquiry and the knowledge produced are of value to all parties? What new knowledge about collaboration do these efforts produce? How do arts-based approaches extend and enrich university-community collaborations? These types of questions are familiar to interdisciplinary research teams, and essential to supporting the equitability and impact of such projects.

The Call
The editors hope to bring together a rich variety of engagement methods, partnership dynamics, and participatory processes in a collection of case studies and models of community-university collaboration. Examples include collaborative partnerships that result in new creative works or that activate arts- or design-based processes in service of shared civic priorities.

Submission Guidelines
Ground Works is a platform for projects that have a degree of maturity. We encourage submissions from teams whose work has had at least some initial impact and external recognition. Submissions from both academic and community partners are encouraged. Submissions may be collaborative or sole-author but should present a collective story and understanding of the partnered work. Successfully evaluated projects will be included in the special issue of Ground Works entitled Creating Knowledge in Common.

As with all submissions to Ground Works, submission to Creating Knowledge in Common begins with a brief Stage 1 suitability review that includes a short summary of the project, a statement of relevance, and appropriate links.  All submissions to Stage 1 must be received by January 31, 2023.

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