Mar. 16, 2023


Dear Campus Community,

Indeed, it was an historic spring break here at UNLV as President Joe Biden visited Hospitality Hall on our main campus on Wednesday.

It is not often that a sitting president visits our campus. In fact, it’s only happened four times prior, and in one case, President George H.W. Bush just needed to use our track to get in some exercise.

But I’m not surprised that UNLV, as a growing top-tier public urban research university with a campus community reflective of the growing diversity of our country, serves as a regular backdrop for national discourse. The visibility of our university in events like this is something that should make us all proud.

Of course, our campus community, much like our city, displayed impressive hospitality to our guests for this official White House visit, which I know will leave a lasting impression.

I want to thank everyone who played a role in helping present UNLV in the best light and for the flexibility of those who may have experienced some disruption to their daily routine.

With spring break drawing to a close, please find time to reflect and consider your goals as we push toward finishing this semester with focus and purpose, and with designs on helping our students achieve their higher education dreams.

Go Rebels!

Keith E. Whitfield, Ph.D.
UNLV President