Spring 2021 UNLV Student-Athlete Graduating Class
Oct. 22, 2021


No Less Than 80 Student-Athletes Eligible For Spring Grad Ceremonies

LAS VEGAS (UNLVRebels.com) – No less than 80 current and former UNLV student-athletes are eligible to take part in this week's series of Commencement Ceremonies at Sam Boyd Stadium.
The list includes Rebels who wrapped up their course work this semester as well as those on track to complete their degrees during the summer sessions.
To begin the celebration, the UNLV Athletics Department hosted its annual Senior Send-Off reception for graduates and their families Thursday evening at the Thomas & Mack Center.
Some graduates, including a number of the dozen football players on the list, have remaining eligibility and will compete for their respective teams again next season while pursuing either a master's or second bachelor's degree.
Presided over by President Keith E. Whitfield, UNLV is offering four in-person commencement ceremonies this week to honor both Spring 2021 grads and the entire class of 2020. All ceremonies are being held outdoors at Sam Boyd Stadium while adhering to public health guidelines.
UNLV first honored both Spring 2021 and all 2020 master's, specialist, and doctoral graduates yesterday morning. Today, UNLV celebrated half of the Spring 2021 undergraduate class in a morning ceremony and the other half will be recognized on Saturday beginning at 8 a.m. All 2020 grads will be honored in a special Friday evening ceremony.
In total, more than 8,000 students will be celebrated over the course of the four ceremonies. Of those, 3,300 students will join the ranks of UNLV alumni as the Class of 2021.
The Class of 2021 is made up of graduates from 41 states and 56 foreign countries, many are the first in their family to graduate from college, and well over half – 63 percent – are from ethnically diverse backgrounds.
This year's class ranges in age from 19 to 76, with an average age of 27. Since 1964, UNLV has awarded more than 150,000 degrees.

Senior Send-Off Graduation 2021
Alex Amelburu, B.A. - Economics          
Eric Bigani, B.A. - Criminal Justice        
Brendan Brooks, B.A. - Criminal Justice
Trevor Rosenberg, B.S. - Healthcare Administration       
Bradley Spooner, B.A. - Criminal Justice
Conner Woods, B.S. - Finance
Kavionnia Brown, B.A. - Sociology        
Krista Jackman, B.S.W. - Social Work   
Bailey Thomas, M.S. - Accounting         
MEN'S BASKETBALL (4)                                
Marvin Coleman, B.S. - Human Services
Mbacke Diong, B.S. - Human Services  
David Jenkins Jr., B.A. - Communication Studies
Moses Wood, B.S. - Human Services
CHEER (8)                               
Camrynne Cruz, B.S. - Kinesiological Sciences  
Jennifer Embrogno, B.S. - Kinesiological Sciences         
Micah Jordan, B.S. - Kinesiological Sciences     
Alexix League, B.A. - Multidisciplinary Studies   
Cabria Kirby, B.A. - Journalism and Media Studies         
Siena Mancuso, B.S. - Kinesiological Sciences  
Dajonai McLin, B.S. - Healthcare Administration 
Abigail Stockwell, B.S. - Kinesiological Sciences
Tess Corda, B.S. - Nursing        
Ariana Ellis, B.S.B.A. - Marketing           
Carolina Nowack, B.S. - Hospitality Management           
Alexix Petersen, B.S. - Kinesiological Sciences  
Makenna Pittman, B.A. - Criminal Justice
FOOTBALL (12)           
Eliel Ehimare, B.S.B.A. - Accounting     
Greg Francis, B.S. - Urban Studies       
Jacob Gasser, B.A. - Criminal Justice    
Tariq Hollandsworth, B.S. - Urban Studies         
Aaron Lewis, B.A. - Communication Studies      
Tavis Malakius, B.A. - Film        
Jackson McCullough, B.A. - Communication Studies      
Jamaal Neal, B.S. - Human Services     
Nate Neal, B.A. - Psychology   
Justice Oluwaseun, B.A. - Journalism & Media Studies   
Alex Perry, B.A. - Communication Studies         
Tavai Tuitasi, B.A. - Criminal Justice     
JJ Gresco, B.A. - Economics    
Jack Trent, B.A. - Sociology     
Cathy Liu, B.A. - Multidisciplinary Studies          
Serena Sepersky, B.S. - Healthcare Administration        
Luka van der Merwe, B.S. - Hospitality Management; PGM         
Citlalli Alonso, B.A. - Criminal Justice
Samantha Bailley, B.S. - Kinesiological Sciences           
Jozee DeCunzo, B.S. - Human Services
MEN'S SOCCER (2)                             
Billy Jones, B.A. - Economics   
Mason Reid, B.A. - Economics 
Jaclyn Candelas, B.A. - Psychology      
Justine Federe, B.S. - Kinesiological Sciences   
Genesis Zamora, B.S. - Kinesiological Sciences
Lauren Tycksen, B.A. - Sociology         
MEN'S SWIMMING & DIVING (1)                                 
Sean Gage, B.S.B.A. - Marketing
WOMEN'S SWIMMING & DIVING (6)                            
Katsiaryna Afanasyeva, B.S. - Kinesiological Sciences   
Kennedy Hood, B.S. - Human Services  
Eva Kim, B.A. - Psychology      
Josauli Lacuesta, B.S. - Kinesiological Sciences
Lauren Smith, B.A. - Economics
Camryn Wheals, B.A. - Psychology       
Eric Samuelsson, B.S. - Hospitality Management
Clayton Alenik, B.S. - Hospitality Management   
Alex Kobelt, M.A. - Urban Leadership
WOMEN'S TENNIS (3)                         
En-Pei Huang, B.S. - Kinesiological Sciences    
Connie Li, B.A. - Economics     
Samantha Smith, B.S. - Kinesiological Sciences
Jasmyne Graham, B.S. - Urban Studies & B.S. - Human Services           
DeAndra Greer, College Sport Leadership Certificate     
Alyssa Gridiron, B.S.B.A. - Accounting  
Jartierra Grissom, B.S. - Urban Studies
Cassidy Osborne-Butler, B.A. - Multidisciplinary Studies 
Cassondra Hall, B.A. - Gender & Sexuality Studies        
Mufaro Hungwe, M.S. - Kinesiology      
Tenia Landrum, B.A. - Gender & Sexuality Studies         
Kaysha Love, B.S. - Hospitality Management     
Agnes Mansaray, B.A. - Sociology
VOLLEYBALL (6)                                
Jillian Berg, B.A. - Human Services       
Erin Davis, B.S. - Kinesiological Sciences          
Alison French, B.A. - Psychology          
Mariena Hayden, B.A. - Criminal Justice
Antonette Rolda, B.S. - Healthcare Administration          
Thea Sweder, B.S. - Kinesiological Sciences