Jan. 25, 2022

Congratulations to Luisa Alvarez Valles (2020 NEWL Alum) on her position! Luisa was recently hired as the Housing and Employment Specialist at Signs of Hope’s Resources and Integration for Survivor Empowerment (R.I.S.E.) program . R.I.S.E provides intensive and comprehensive services to victims of all forms of human trafficking and exploitation. This program serves: adult women, adult men, minor girls, minor boys, sex trafficking victims, labor trafficking victims, citizens of other countries, documented or undocumented, citizens of the US, transgender adults and minors. When attending our program virtually in 2020, Luisa was a Junior at Nevada State College majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Pre-Law. While she was there she founded and held the presidency of A Voice for the Innocent student organization. She learned in this organization how to be an advocate for rape and sexual assault victims. We are proud of the work she is doing for the community at large!