Nov. 23, 2021


Who influenced your decision to choose UNLV? Your family? A teacher? A friend? How about a peer?

Numerous studies show that campus visits are the most effective recruiting tool at most universities. While the campus tours and dining hall lunches are great, it's the university students leading the tours and talking with prospective students that have the most impact. That's why the College of Education launched its own student ambassador program this fall. While the university has an ambassador program, Recruitment Coordinator Charsheia Adams saw an opportunity to give potential education students a more personalized experience.  

After being a student ambassador during her undergraduate career at Alabama A&M, creating a similar initiative for the college was a key project when she came to UNLV.  She also saw the success of the College of Engineering's program in enhancing their recruitment efforts and adding energy to their college culture by engaging current students. Charsheia sees the power of student-to-student recruitment - adding a student perspective to the college's marketing efforts gives authenticity and lends credibility. Sure, the college can talk about its great programs, faculty, and community partnerships. It's far more effective when a current student shares a story about their favorite course or instructor, or even about their student teaching or undergraduate research experiences.

What do student ambassadors do?

They conduct campus tours for prospective students and other VIPS, with a special emphasis on the Carlson Education Building and the Lynn Bennett Early Childhood Education Center. They also support on- and off-campus recruiting events in person and virtually.

What does it take to be a student ambassador?

Charsheia looks for a current student's positivity, responsibility, and work ethic. In addition to having earned at least 30 credits, ideal candidates also have a passion for UNLV and the college, a willingness to serve others, and a tendency to be goal-oriented. Selected students receive a $1,000 scholarship and build critical professional skills, like public speaking, interpersonal communication, organization and time management. They also can take advantage of unique networking opportunities with education and community leaders at college-sponsored events, like the Nevada Summit on Education.

Who are the 2021-22 College of Education Student Ambassadors?

Yaping "YaYa"Yang is a junior studying special education, thanks to her cousin, who is a special educator. Her goal is to help children achieve both academic and life skills to become independent, thriving citizens. She earned her associate's degree at the College of Southern Nevada July 2021. Thanks to an inspiring communications professor, YaYa found her public speaking voice and she believes effective communication can help build supportive relationships. In her free time, she enjoys playing violin and plans to introduce music to her future students. She has a passion for travel, enjoys relaxing in her rose garden, and spending time with her adorable toy poodle, Nuonuo.

Although elementary education major Peyton Quon misses her Colorado hometown, she loves Las Vegas, enjoys exploring the city, and trying new things. Since coming to UNLV, she joined the Gamma Phi Beta sorority and has built her leadership skills as the Panhellenic vice president and as a consultant for Housing and Residential Life. Peyton has always wanted to be a teacher since she was very young since loves to learn new things and enjoys sharing knowledge with others.

Eden Wolde, also an elementary education major, is first-generation college student. As an ambassador, she enjoys offering prospective students both information and support, building connections with faculty and university leaders, and honing her leadership skills. 

Florida native Joanna Oliver spent half of her life in the Philippines and the other half in Las Vegas. The second-year elementary education major enjoys going out with her loved ones, painting, and watching indie films. She is a very open and energetic person who seeks out new experiences and creates new memories. Joanna is thrilled to be a student ambassador and wants to create an even stronger connection to the college.

Interested in joining the team? 

Qualified students are invited to apply to support fall, spring, and summer recruitment efforts and should contact Charsheia Adams for additional information.