Feb. 28, 2023


Greetings from the Division of Research (DOR)

The semester is in full swing and spring break is approaching. We are very close to being to full strength in the Offices of Sponsored Programs and Research Integrity. We are thankful and excited to have a host of new employees who have joined our team. Gwen Marchand has gradually taken on more of the direct management of the services offices in the DOR as we continue to search for the Executive Director of Research Integrity. In addition, I would also like to announce the hiring of Kris Davidson as the new Executive Director of Research Infrastructure beginning March 1, 2023. You can read more about him in this newsletter. Kris takes over as I vacate the Executive Director position and focus on my appointment as Interim Vice President of Research. I want to thank each and every person in the Division of Research for your commitment to faculty and the research mission of UNLV. Without your efforts we would not be making the steady progress that we are.

I also want to bring to your attention that the legislative session is in full swing. UNLV representatives are in Carson City working diligently on items that will impact all DOR employees. For example, cost of living increases are being considered this session for both 2024 and 2025. We will keep you posted on what impact the session will have on UNLV and you specifically.

We have also been meeting with each office and staff within the division to discuss any lingering morale issues. We have tried to address your concerns directly and efficiently as possible. However, please let us know if there are any lingering or additional concerns that you feel still need to be addressed. You can initiate the discussion with your direct supervisor to begin a more thorough discussion. As a final note we are setting the parameters for the strategic planning of each unit. These plans will begin this month with your direct supervisor and culminate no later than the end of May. A final strategic plan for the division will be drafted using each group’s input. This is an opportunity for you to have input into the vision and goals of your unit immediately and into the future.