Photo of Maddisen Fulton
Dec. 12, 2022

Maddisen Fulton is a senior at the UNLV Lee Business School, majoring in Marketing. She is currently a freelance social media manager focusing on maximizing businesses, and organic social media presence to drive revenue and keep ad costs low. She is also the current UNLV American Marketing Association President.

“There’s no better feeling than sharing your aspirations with people who want more for themselves and want to see that dream come to fruition as well.”

After graduating Maddisen plans to work in social media management full-time, and hire a few employees.

“I want to use my social media management strategies to organically curate a community for my client's businesses across the Las Vegas valley!”

Q: How has your undergrad experience at UNLV been thus far?

My experience at UNLV has been a unique one to say the least. I am actually a transfer student and I decided to transfer to UNLV amidst the pandemic because of their stellar credentials for their business school. As soon as I transferred, I wanted to get involved as soon as I could. At my previous university, I was involved with the American Marketing Association, and from their words, they said UNLV’s AMA is a top 10 chapter, and if wanted serious connections for career opportunities then that is the place to be. 

Q: What has been your highlight as president of AMA?

The highlight of being president of AMA is empowering my members and helping them build their confidence in their careers, not just in marketing. An experience that has stuck out with me is the AMA ICC conference 2022. I got the opportunity to work aside some of the most talented people I’ve met in my academic career, besides my professors. What made it even more special was after all the competitions were over we all gathered after for dinner and shared our dreams and aspirations.

Q: How would you explain the relevance and importance of social media management to those who may not know what that entails?

First, having a social media presence is essential for every business. It allows your consumer to get an inside look and kind of a personal insight into your business rather than just a corporation. I believe social media will enable you to stand out among the competition and put a name to the face rather than buying into a company that is just like any other. I like to think of it like when you’re buying from a big chain grocery store versus your local farmers market. It is much more intimate and you are more likely to pick up the food at the farmers market because there is a face to the name. You are also buying into that person’s story and their life, versus a huge corporation that may not mean much to you personally. Social media allows that personal look into the business’s life; so it’s much more than just a company looking to make a profit.

Q: Do you have any tips for creating a personal brand?  

  1. Find your why
    • Why are you building your own personal brand? For career growth? Nonprofit cause? It can be anything, but you must know why you're doing it 
  2. Network with like-minded individuals
    • You can’t build a personal brand that only you know about
    • You have to network and connect with like-minded people to build up your personal brand which speaks to your credibility 
  3. Stay consistent
    • It can be intimidating for people to say they want to have a personal brand, but you have to stay consistent with your brand, values, and beliefs. It’s important for your audience to know that you can trust your brand consistently.