May. 9, 2019


Hello Scheduling Community,

We hope that this email finds you well. We intend for this communication to keep you up to date on information regarding course scheduling for the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters. As always, our goal in Scheduling is to provide you with the appropriate space for your courses with safety, course needs, building preference and space and seat optimization being considered.

-          As the end of the semester approaches and final grades are coming due, please ensure that your entire faculty can log into MyUNLV to enter grades. We have attached the tutorial/instruction for adding grades in MyUNLV to this email.  The training page on our website also has a tutorial for entering grades.

-          Please remember that Spring 2020 is a complete build. We will not be rolling over any course information. It is important to start the Spring 2020 build as soon as possible. We have attached the production calendar, which includes the scheduling deadlines. As we move forward scheduling deadlines will become a critical part of the University Top Tier planning. Not meeting deadlines will negatively impact your department in that remedies to resolve issues will be limited and based on the scheduling timeline. It is imperative that you understand the scheduling deadlines and if you have questions or concerns please let the scheduling unit know immediately.

-          In the next few days, we will start sending out emails asking to set up meetings with the schedulers for each department. We want to start the discussion on the Spring 2020 schedule build. We will also consider this as your yearly security training and training for any new employees in your area. We will also like to discuss other issues we have seen come up across campus. Please have any scheduling questions ready for this meeting and your spring 2020 scheduling information available.

-          If you send in a request for any of the below changes, the course will be canceled once we process the ticket. It is the responsibility of your department to notify any students enrolled in the course of the cancelation. We will assume that they have already been notified of the cancelation when we receive the request. If you have questions regarding this process please reach out and let us know.

o   cancel a course

o   meeting patterns, days or times

o   special topics

Please remember to review the scheduling contact list and inform us of any changes that are needed. We want to be sure that we are communicating the latest information with all Schedulers. If you have any changes to the contact list, please email

Thank you,

Academic Scheduling
Office of the Registrar
University of Nevada, Las Vegas