Jun. 10, 2020


Greeting from the Office of the Registrar!

We hope that this email finds you well. Please review the important scheduling updates below. 

Spring 2020 updates:

  1. As a reminder, grades are due by 4pm on Tuesday, May 19, 2020.  Please use query UNLVSR_INCOMPLETE_GRADE_RSTR_2 for a list of all classes in “not reviewed” or “ready for review” status.

Fall 2020 updates: 

  1. Remote Learning requests - we’ll take care of these for you!  The Office of Decision Support will forward to us approved requests to switch to “remote learning”.  You do not need to notify us of these requests.

  1. The following changes for Fall 2020 classes will require a notification from the department chair or above.

        • Cancellation (this is considered a meeting pattern change)

        • Changing the class status to Tentative or Stop Enrollment. This will also result in the release of the room if there is one assigned. 

        • Enrollment cap reductions

General updates:

  1. You’ve asked, we’ve listened!  For dual enrollment courses, we have attached a guide to assist your departments with enrollment, admissions, and other related processes.

  1. We have created a Google Slideshow to assist you with your scheduling needs

  1. Please remember that to have an instructor added to your drop down menu, the instructor must first complete the university required FERPA training. To confirm the FERPA training is complete, we check the following query: 


*FERPA training date may take 1-2 business days to update from the time the instructor completes the quiz.

  1. Please review the scheduling contact list and inform us of any changes. We want to be sure that we are sending our communications to all stakeholders in the scheduling community.  If you have any changes to the contact list, please email scheduling@unlv.edu