Mar. 13, 2020



We hope that this email finds you well. Below are some updates for Academic Scheduling for everyone to keep in mind.


  • For any Combined Classes, Back-to-Backs, and Special Teaching requests for Fall 2020 please use this link here 

    • If you have any ADA Instructor accommodations, those still need to be sent to Remember that this will have to be on file with Title IX/EEO.

  • We are getting ready to place classes. Please take another look at your schedules to ensure they are as accurate as possible.

  • Please ensure that instructors have taken FERPA & that they are listed on their courses


Please remember to review the scheduling contact list and inform us of any changes that are needed. We want to be sure that we are communicating the latest information with all schedulers. If you have any changes to the contact list, please email


Thank you,