2018 Jean Nidetch Women's Center Summit
Oct. 22, 2021

On Friday, September 28, 2018, the Jean Nidetch Women’s Center hosted its inaugural Living Your Best Life: Balancing School, Work, and Family Summit. The summit was created by Rochelle Walker (Fine Arts) and Samantha Carroll (graduate student). The Summit was born out of a graduate multicultural course project within the Higher Education Leadership program where the goal was to provide UNLV student-parents a positive and supportive campus environment while presenting the necessary tools and campus resources in order for this student population to persist through to graduation. The all-day summit was for students who are also parents and are new or transitioning back into academia while balancing life responsibilities. Presenters included Dr. Juanita Fain (VP of Student Affairs), Tracy Johnson (Liberal Arts), Liz Carrasco (CAPS), Misty Valentine (Financial Aid & Scholarship), Nicole Stella (Academic Success Center), and Keynote speaker Dr. Anita Revilla (Interdisciplinary Studies: Gender and Ethnic Studies).