Picture of Savannah Buhler
Apr. 30, 2024


How has your undergrad experience at UNLV been thus far? 

My experience so far has been something I never imagined. When I first came to college, I really wanted to push my own boundaries and create a life for myself here. Writing this now and reflecting on it, I’ve really done that. I’ve made best friends with some of the greatest people on this planet. I’ve become president of a club that relates to my major. I’ve been blessed with the job of being a resident assistant to some of the greatest residents in the res. halls. Being at UNLV, I’ve had some of the greatest opportunities on this planet. Being an undergrad, I’ve grown so much as a person and learned so many new things. I’ve received so much support from this school so far and have really made a future for myself here.

What has been your highlight as vice-president of IBA? 

I think the highlight of serving as president of IBA has been working with others and seeing the club grow. I have a great executive board at my hands and they all do more than their share. It’s amazing to work and grow with such lovely people who have the same interest as me. Together we’ve seen the club grow in such a short period of time. We’ve worked hard this semester to make our meetings as beneficial and welcoming to students as they can be.

Can you explain what the NV Export Internship Program is for those who are not familiar? 

I, myself, have not completed the internship because at the time, I was a first-year student when I heard about it. That being said, I still know a lot about the program itself. The program consists of taking an international business class during the spring semester and completing an internship during the summer. The program, itself, has a lot of benefits. It’s a paid internship, there’s employment potential, and it’s a great learning experience. I’ve never heard anything bad about the internship, in fact, many of the students I’ve talked to who have completed it end up working as an employee at the company they were paired with. 

What do you think is a strength of UNLV’s Marketing department?

I think the strength of UNLV’s Marketing department is its flexibility. I know so many students who have completed a double major in Marketing and International Business. Our Marketing department is so willing to work with students, also. 

What are your plans for the future? (Marketing, personal life, and academia) 

My plans for the future, hmm, as of now, I’d like to complete my degree in International Business. After that, I’d like to travel to Egypt and spend some time learning about Egyptology. Then when I’m ready, I’d like to live in Japan and work in a company that allows me to travel back and forth from Japan to New York.