Picture of Ming Lam
May. 10, 2023


What does a successful MBA experience at UNLV look like to you?

The access to wonderful faculty and making new connections with peers and business connections that have diversities in background, experience, and perspectives. 

Throughout your 15 years of experience in commercial banking you must have encountered several highs and lows, what would you say is the best approach to dealing with failure within your industry?

It’s easier said than done during times of turbulence, but I would say to take it one day at a time, allowing yourself time to think and work through a problem as calm as possible. It is ok to make mistakes but reflect and learn from them, and remembering my purpose – to be an anchor to help my clients and my teammates. With that, I find myself regaining my direction when it gets blurry and help me refocus during tough times.

What has been your favorite memory from your time on the marketing community advisory board?

Having a wonderful Chair with Dr. Krishen and many good friendships with my fellow board members.

As a UNLV alum and with all that you know now, what would you change if you were to re-do your studies?

I love our mentorship program, and frankly, I wish we had that when I was in school. It is such a wonderful program to cultivate ideas, help students gain access, expand perspective, and form a good mentor/mentee relationship. If we had the program before, I would have signed up as a mentee!