Oct. 22, 2021

Fall 2021

  • We will contact departments who have classes in general purposes rooms that do not meet the minimum enrollment of 10 students.  We can assist you with moving these classes to department space, or with cancellations.  (Note that per previous communication, the minimum enrollment will need to be 13 effective Spring 22.  We will keep with 10 for Fall 21 to allow you time to prepare for this change.)

** We understand that New Student Orientation is still in progress and that you may be expecting increased enrollment soon.  You can inform us of this when we contact you.

  • If you do not have a room assigned yet and you have at least 10 students enrolled, it is likely that you have not yet met 80% or more of your projected enrollment that was specified during open build.  Please contact us (with approval from your dept chair or above) if you would like to reduce your projected enrollment cap to better match actual enrollment.

    Example: you set a projected cap of 50, but you only have 20 students enrolled.  We need at least 40 students enrolled in order to reach our 80% placement standard.  You can check historical enrollment to help determine a more likely cap, such as 25.  We can then proceed with locating a room for you as the new cap of 25, with actual enrollment of 20, meets our standard.
  • If you know you will be cancelling a class, please go ahead and send the request to us. This helps ensure that students in cancelled classes have time to locate another class.
  • Please remember that classes that have under 10 enrolled and any classes that are not following standard meeting patterns (non-canonical) will be placed last

Spring 2022

Open build for Spring 2022 will close at 11:59pm this Sunday.  Please be sure to finish up your schedule adjustments to prepare for this deadline.