Jul. 22, 2019


Hello Scheduling Community,

We hope that this email finds you well. We intend for this communication to keep you up to date on information regarding course scheduling for the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters. As always, our goal in Scheduling is to provide you with the appropriate space for your courses with safety, course needs, building preference and space and seat optimization being considered. 

  • Spring 2020 Schedule is currently locked so the Scheduling team can run our clean up queries. You should be receiving an email with errors listed on it. On July 29th, we will be reopening the schedule for final updates and clean up

  • For departments that have not had their Scheduler’s Meeting, you will be receiving an email requesting a time to meet. Please remember that this does count as your annual training and if it is not done, you will lose access. 

  • If you have any Back to Back, Combined Courses, Computer labs, Non-Medical Room accommodations, No final exam needed, variable credit to fixed or associated classes not needed  for Spring 2020, please submit them on this spreadsheet

  • If any of your department's classes will utilize ProctorU, make sure you add note 0014 to each class.  The note has been updated with additional information about ProctorU and advises students of charges.

  • We have been seeing event confirmations going to spam folders. Please know that we are working with OIT and the vendor to correct this. In the meantime, please check your spam folders if you do not receive a confirmation.


Please remember to review the scheduling contact list and inform us of any changes that are needed. We want to be sure that we are communicating the latest information with all schedulers. If you have any changes to the contact list, please email scheduling@unlv.edu


Thank you,


Academic Scheduling

Office of the Registrar

University of Nevada, Las Vegas


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