Hunter Hopewell
Johhny Brenden Filmmaker grant winner
Jul. 2, 2021

Congrats to Hunter Hopewell winner of the Johnny Brenden Filmmaker grant and to his UNLV FILM team and the Las Vegas Film community for his film “Shellfish.”

Today July 2nd 2021, “Shellfish” is the closing night film at the Queens World Film Festival at the Museum of the Modern Image in Queens, New York.

Shellfish is a coming-of-age comedy enhanced by a bit of stop motion animation. Amidst mounting parental pressure to find a real job, college filmmaker Keller has one week to secretly produce a short with his brother and longtime crush. When their shoot goes wrong, they confront each other about much more than production issues. Faced with his own selfishness, Keller must decide which is more important, his filmmaking or close relationships.

Hunter Hopewell, UNLV FILM alum and a segment producer for the Walt Disney company has won over 40 awards for the 20+ films he has written, directed, edited and scored, including a first place award at the United Nations for his anti-bullying film, Numbskull. 

Hunter has written and directed his first feature film “Shellfish,” set to premiere today. Looking ahead, Hunter plans to give back through the production of films and Rock.Comedy.Film clubs & events, with a portion of all profits benefiting arts education programs.