Oct. 27, 2022



With the change in seasons comes changes in the Division of Research. I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the Division of Research mission and goals. First, let me thank each and every person in the division for your commitment to the research mission of the University. I think the jobs that you do and the services that you provide are critical to the success of this University. Research would not happen on this campus without your dedication and hard work. With that knowledge I want to assure you that I am committed to hiring the vacancies we have currently to ensure that we can continue to offer the needed research services at a high level without burdening the current staff. Future hiring will also be critical. I will work with the directors and executive directors in coming months to initiate strategic planning for each office to ensure that we are actively planning and managing for research growth over the next five years. Finally, I will also like to meet with each office or group to have a discussion about your general concerns and thoughts about the Division and what we could be
doing better. I will try to meet with each of you before the end of the year to discuss these two items personally.

I also want to provide updates on hiring to the Division. We will welcome new members of the Research team shortly with the Associate Vice President position being filled by Dr. Gwen Marchand from the College of Education. She will take an active role in interdisciplinary research development and the management of Office of Research Integrity (ORI). I will continue to work with the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Infrastructure with the AVP as we move forward. We are also in the process of searching for the new executive director of ORI. On campus interviews are currently being scheduled with an anticipated start date of January 2023. There are ongoing searches in both the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and ORI. Finally, there will be a search for an Executive Director of Research Infrastructure so that I can pass on the position and responsibilities.

I want to assure you all that I will be a strong advocate for the Division and the services that we provide. I will pursue the resources that I believe are necessary to ensure each office can function efficiently and address the increasing needs of the research community. I have asked our communications director to help define the narrative with each group so that we are effectively communicating with faculty and
stakeholders. The goal will be to become more forward facing with the public and stakeholders moving forward. As part of the forward messaging, we will complete our first digital magazine shortly for distribution in January. The second is scheduled for July for a total of two per year. I have also initiated research bulletins to highlight high impact research and accomplishments at UNLV. These will come out
when we have something we need to communicate immediately. These will be in the form of both emailed content and social media released content. We will utilize social media and I plan on using these platforms within the Division to communicate more directly and effectively. Look out for the VPR twitter feed coming soon.

In closing I would like to communicate to the Division my thoughts regarding the importance of what we do and the impact of research. While we provide services that impact faculty success at UNLV, we also have a direct impact on student success. The UNLV research mission is critical to the education of both undergraduate and graduate students and their future careers. In fact, research is an integral part of applied learning and education critical to student growth. It goes without saying that if we help faculty succeed then we will help students also be successful.