Apr. 20, 2021

Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Scholarship Virtual Informational UNLV School of Social Work

DATE: April 24, 2021

TIME: 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.

Location: Virtual

The Project Coordinator of the UNLV SSW Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Scholarship will host an informational session to answer prospective trainees' questions about aplying fo the upcoming 2021-2022 Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Scholarship.

UNLV School of Social Work Developed and expanded its clinical social work education program with the express goal of preparing highly competent practitioners who have an interest in working in an integrated healthcare setting with populations who are at risk for, or who have developed, a recognized mental health disorder as well as presenting with primary healthcare needs.

► The scholarship provides enhanced social work field education, two specialized courses related to integrated behavioral healthcare and trauma-focused treatment & mentoring.

► $4,000 scholarship for direct practice graduate social work students who are completing their final year of enrollment leading to the master of social work degree and demonstrating an established financial according to the UNLV Financial Aid & Scholarship Department.

► Interested applicants must complete the Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Scholarship application no later than June 1, 2021.

► To register to attend the virtual informational, please send an email request to natasha.mosby@unlv.edu. Meeting link will be provided at time of registration. *Please note, if you are unable to attend the virtual informational you are still able to apply for the scholarship.