May. 16, 2023

Human Resources’ Temp Hire & HCM Support team would like to remind you of guidelines pertaining to summer salary period activity pay (PAP). This is used to pay equal monthly payments over a period of time and is administered outside of regular compensation. PAP allows those with a business process role in Workday to tie payments to a specific academic period. 

For faculty summer salary PAPs, it is important to remember the following:

  • FY23 faculty earnings run from last summer, July 1 to mid-August 2022 and this summer, mid-May to June 30, 2023.  
  • FY24 faculty earnings run this summer from July 1 to mid-August 2023 and next summer mid-May to June 30, 2024.
  • To be eligible for retirement, faculty must teach eight (8) or more credits over the summer, conduct research (including administrative duties) at 50% or more over the summer, or a combination of the two.
  • If the employee is retirement eligible, use the L26 payment code. This code indicates the payment will be retirement eligible. To expedite PAP, use the summer salary worksheet, a running record of all summer salary requests for a fiscal year. Once complete, attach the summer salary worksheet to the PAP.
  • If you are holding off on entering the July 1 to mid-August PAP to verify the new base salary due to the corresponding COLA/merit increases, please indicate this in the comments section in Workday. 
  • For faculty conducting research, PAP starting on July 1 should be received by Human Resources by July 10  to pay on August 1.

For more information, contact Connie Nolan at