Graphic of three thought boxes containing the words, "Your Opinion Matters"
Sep. 30, 2021

UNLV’s Office of Community Engagement has extended the availability of its community partner survey to give our partners a greater chance to respond.

Partners who may have missed the survey email can still participate by visiting: Link to Survey

 “In order for us to learn more about the community’s experiences partnering with us, we need your input,” said Sue DiBella, Interim Executive Director of the Office of Community Engagement.

This annual survey helps ensure the university’s priorities are aligned with the priorities of our off-campus communities, according to DiBella.

“We are grateful to community partners for taking the time to share information about their experiences,” DiBella said.

Results of prior campus and community partner surveys have been shared in past issues of the Office of Community Engagement e-newsletters, and additional information regarding survey findings is posted on the office’s website.

For more information about UNLV community engagement or the survey, please contact the Office of Community Engagement, at 702-895-4298. To reach the UNLV Cannon Survey Center, call 702-895-3394.