Oct. 22, 2021

The Graduate College recently announced the recipients of the 2021-22 fellowship awards. Congratulations to the awardees!

Barrick Graduate Fellowship
Barrick Graduate Fellowships were established by an endowment from philanthropist Marjorie Barrick. These fellowships are given to outstanding doctoral students who have demonstrated excellence in scholarship during their graduate study at UNLV.

  • Hui-Ting Shih, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Ph.D.
  • Heather Thompson, School Psychology Ph.D.

President's UNLV Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
The President’s UNLV Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships are funded by gifts to the UNLV Foundation by the Frank Koch Living Trust for the research support of doctoral students.

  • Kristen Herlosky, Anthropology Ph.D.
  • Vanessa Nunez, Sociology Ph.D.
  • Tomoko Sakishima, Biological Sciences Ph.D.

UNLV Foundation Board of Trustees Fellowship
The UNLV Foundation Board of Trustees Fellowship is made possible by funds from the UNLV Foundation. This prestigious award is granted over four semesters to doctoral students in the final two years of their program.

  • Daniel Perez, Anthropology Ph.D.
  • Ryan Wirt, Neuroscience Ph.D.

Summer Doctoral Research Fellowship
Prestigious Summer Doctoral Research Fellowships allow students to continue their research in the summer and progress toward the completion of their degree.

  • Victoria Bacon, Psychology Ph.D.
  • Santiago Batallar, Biological Sciences Ph.D.
  • Fatemeh Binesh, Hospitality Administration Ph.D.
  • Erin Cassin, Biological Sciences Ph.D.
  • Lina Chato, Electrical Engineering Ph.D.
  • Lauren Crew, Neuroscience Ph.D.
  • Weerakonda De Silva, Chemistry Ph.D.
  • Andrea Fink-Armold, Psychology Ph.D.
  • Celene Fuller, Sociology Ph.D.
  • Jeannette Hernandez, Sociology Ph.D.
  • Amanda Howard, Psychology Ph.D.
  • Shen Huang, Mathematical Sciences Ph.D.
  • Christian Ison, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Ph.D.
  • Mohsen Jahandardoost, Mechanical Engineering Ph.D.
  • Yang Jiao, Electrical Engineering Ph.D.
  • Devin Kelly, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Ph.D.
  • Dimitra Kourtesi, Psychology Ph.D.
  • Hana Kuwabara, Psychology Ph.D.
  • Christina Lamoureux, History Ph.D.
  • Amanda Leisgang, Neuroscience Ph.D.
  • Kit Yee Leung, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Ph.D.
  • Bridget Longoria, Sociology Ph.D.
  • Aileen Lovitt, Psychology Ph.D.
  • Mary Ludwig, History Ph.D.
  • Ngoc Luu, Geoscience Ph.D.
  • Kevin Mohawk, Psychology Ph.D.
  • Doris Morgan Li, History Ph.D.
  • Samantha O’Connell, Psychology Ph.D.
  • Daniel Perez, Anthropology Ph.D.
  • Lei Ping, Teacher Education Ph.D.
  • Shon Reed, Criminology and Criminal Justice Ph.D.
  • William Ridgway, Psychology Ph.D.
  • Yasaman Saedi, Civil & Environmental Engineering Ph.D.
  • Tomoko Sakishima, Biological Sciences Ph.D.
  • Melissa Schofield, Biological Sciences Ph.D.
  • Sreshtha Sen, English Ph.D.
  • Mostafa Shams Esfand Abadi, Mathematical Sciences Ph.D.
  • Samantha Sherwood, Psychology Ph.D.
  • Pouya Shojaeishahmirzadi, Mechanical Engineering Ph.D.
  • Edward Smith, Psychology Ph.D.
  • Marta Soligo, Sociology Ph.D.
  • Alina Swafford, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Ph.D.
  • Heather Thompson, School Psychology Ph.D.
  • Korey Tillman, Sociology Ph.D.
  • Binayak Tiwari, Electrical Engineering Ph.D.
  • Carmen Vallin, Biological Sciences Ph.D.
  • Kristin Vierra, Psychology Ph.D.
  • Anne Villacastin, Biological Sciences Ph.D.
  • Ryan Wirt, Neuroscience Ph.D.