UPD Police Patch
Jan. 13, 2022

This semester, UPD is thrilled to announce a partnership with the UNLV Bike Shop to make a concerted effort to decrease property and bicycle thefts, typically seen at the start of each semester:

  • A good lock is one the best steps to theft prevention, so - a limited number of U-locks, funded by UNLV Student Services, are available free of charge to students in need.

  • UPD is available to demonstrate proper bicycle locking techniques upon request.

  • Register your bicycle serial number with UPD, it is free, easy, convenient, and can be completed online or via the UNLV RebelSAFE App. In the event your bike is lost or stolen, registering ensures it can be easily identified and returned to you if recovered.

We want to ensure that you, as well as your property, are always protected while on campus. We are here to service the needs of our community and have heard your suggestions and concerns.

University Police Services is available 24/7; by phone and through the UNLV RebelSAFE App, or refer back to our website for further information. If you see an officer on campus, please reach out to them with any questions, comments, or concerns - we are here to help.