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FRP Innovations - Pyrohalt, Remmedy Nudge Water Bottle, S3B Energy, and Adler Dynamics place in the 2016 Donald W. Reynolds Governor's Cup Collegiate Business Plan Competition.

Oct. 22, 2021

Out of a field of 38 teams competing for seven awards at the statewide 2016 Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup Collegiate Business Plan Competition, UNLV was represented by nine student teams that ultimately took four of the placements as well as a top faculty advisor recognition – taking home more than $60,000 in cash and prizes to be used to bring their ideas to market. Of the four teams that took honors, FRP Innovations – Pyrohalt placed 1st in the graduate division and Remmedy Nudge Water Bottle placed 2nd in the undergraduate level, which moves them on to the Donald W. Reynolds Tri-State Competition to compete against teams from Nevada, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

While advised by Lee Business School faculty, the Governor’s Cup is designed to encourage multi-disciplinary student teams from Nevada universities and colleges. Teams are encouraged to combine members from technical and business disciplines in an effort to bring together the pieces necessary for bridging the gap between technology and the marketplace.

Student teams and their faculty advisors compete in undergraduate (some as early intheir academic career as sophomore level) and graduate divisions as well as the Lt. Governor’s Award, a parallel competition for the business plan that best employs clean, renewable, or efficient energy technologies and services. Students involved in the competition gain experiences working with successful entrepreneurs, lenders and investors; team-building opportunities; business planning skills; and media exposure.

The 2016 Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup award winners are:



First Place - $25,000 - FRP Innovations - Pyrohalt  - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Second Place - $15,000 - MOCCs Technologies - University of Nevada, Reno

Third Place - $10,000 - S3B Energy, Inc. - University of Nevada, Las Vegas



First Place - $25,000 - TEKTOR - Sierra Nevada College

Second Place - $15,000 - Remmedy Nudge Water Bottle - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Third Place - $10,000 - Adler Dynamics - University of Nevada, Las Vegas



$10,000 - Warrior Adventure Rapport - Sierra Nevada College



Dr. Hans Rawhouser (advisor for and Adler Dynamics) – University of Las Vegas, Nevada

Krysta Bea Jackson – University of Nevada, Reno


The nine UNLV finalist teams included:


  • S3B Energy, Inc. – S3B Energy is a Nevada-based technology company revolutionizing the energy storage market with Poseidon I, a solid-state sodium battery using sodium-rich anitperovskite material. This new technology creates a cost effective, safe and environmentally sound solution to managing grid peak demands and capturing the increased generation of renewable energy.
  • Silver State Whiskey – A new venture out of Las Vegas, Silver State Whiskey aims to combine whiskey with robust, culture-based state pride.
  • FRP Innovations – Pyrohalt – A non-toxic and high-performing, Pyrohalt is a flame retardant polymer treatment. Initial testing shows that Pyrohalt can be applied to any textile or fabric and will not release harmful toxins when ignited, unlike current chemical treatments on the market. Originally invented with the assistance of NASA for use on spacesuits, the Pyrohalt polymer will evolve its treatment formats to include sprays, powders and solids that can be applied to various materials.
  • Adler Dynamics – Adler Dynamics employs the use of drones (UAVs) and advanced analytical systems to provide the construction industry with technology that assists scheduling and budgeting.
  • Remmedy Nudge Water Bottle – Remmedy is a water bottle that stores pills such as medications and vitamins. With the intent to promote an active lifestyle to individuals who have difficulty remembering to organize their supplements, the bottles will have a built-in reminder.
  • Tolendo – Tolendo is a social calendar application that allows users to easily and quickly share events or tasks for easy coordination among friends and peers.
  • BzBee – BzBee is an innovative online platform for businesses and entrepreneurs dedicated to growing and increasing their market share. Via an advanced matchmaking algorithm and virtual office that streamlines processes, the application connects business owners and entrepreneurs to facilitate partnerships, mergers and acquisitions.
  • CELLA Design – CELLA Design is an application created to make interior design easier and accessible to millennials. Using a 3D spatial analysis of rooms, a variety of furniture and an ability to purchase through integrated partner sites, CELLA Design gives millennial the tools to furnish their dorms and other personal spaces to fit their needs.
  • - An online-based tool that will guide participants through the process of transitioning to a 100% plant-based lifestyle, (or veganism). It will consist of an approximately 90-120 day online program that will feature a motivational speaker, professional nutritionists, personal trainers, and vegan chefs. Participants will be able to track their progress by following a specially designed calendar in which they will adhere to their daily diet, educational activities, and webinar schedule.