Feb. 22, 2019


On Friday, February 22, Assistant Professor Jennifer Guthrie will be presenting two seminars at the University of Kansas.

The first seminar was held at 10:30am named “Now, That Bridge Needs Crossing: Navigating the Co-Occurring Issues of Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence.” In this seminar, Dr. Guthrie will be co-presenting with Dr. Adrianne Kunkel, professor at KU. They will be discussing (1) competing dialectic discourses between agencies that may be counterproductive, (2) empowering discourses for survivors, and (3) pragmatic, unified approaches that promote the empowerment of survivors, including the employment of inter-agency support groups.

The second seminar to be held at 4:00pm, Dr. Guthrie will be discussing Life After KU, her alma mater.