Sean Tory
Jan. 26, 2022


Sean Tory’s passion for educational empowerment runs deep. The doctoral student will be honored in February by the City of Las Vegas with the Tyrone Thompson Emerging Leader Award, which celebrates up-and-coming individuals with a demonstrated commitment to leadership and potential for innovation, creativity, vision, and positive influence.

Sean was recognized specifically for mentoring Southern Nevada’s youth for more than a decade. “I am delighted to receive the award for service that gives me a lot of satisfaction,” he said.

In addition to his doctoral studies, Sean works as a campus life development coordinator at the College of Southern Nevada. He also advises CSN’s Black Student Union Even with his busy schedule, Sean made time to develop a number of new initiatives, including the Coyote Closet that helps CSN students with access to professional clothing.

He also co-founded the King of Jewels mentorship program, which organizes workshops and conferences aimed to facilitate restorative and transformative justice practice. Taking yet another step, Sean and his colleagues formed “The Men’s Room” – a regular gathering that creates a safe space for black men of high school and college age to express themselves, their emotions, and share experiences. “Black men need to have a safe space to go and be vulnerable,” said Sean.

Slated to graduate in Spring 2023, Sean’s long-term goal is to build PK-12 curricula for critical mentorship programs that help implement restorative justice practices with hopes that, by starting early and providing consistent support, students can experience the power of educational reform and be empowered to continue the drive for positive change.

Noting the evolution of education over the past 20 years, Sean sees more change on the horizon, especially given the changing job market. With mentorships and other efforts, he aspires to be a part of that process.

If his passion for and commitment to mentorship are anything to go by, Tory is sure to play a big part in that transformative process and continue to impact lives for a long time to come.

by James Howley