CSUN Health Senators, Faria Tavacoli, Madison Hale, and Kelly Chung

CSUN Health Senators, Faria Tavacoli, Madison Hale, and Kelly Chung

Mar. 30, 2022

By Maren Barney (UNLV School of Integrated Health Sciences Communication office)

Meet your CSUN Health Senators, Madison Hale, a fourth-year Kinesiology major; Kelly Chung, a 3rd year Public Health major; and Faria Tavacoli, a 3rd year Public Health major. 

There is currently an open position for a new Senator, but this position is not for just anyone!  CSUN Senators work behind the scenes to amplify student life from student perspectives.  The SIHS communications office, Maren Barney, sat down with our three health Senators to learn more about senate life and what it takes to be a successful representative of and for the students.

Being a CSUN senator involves a significant time commitment that includes a weekly Monday senate meeting, joining two committees with specific functions geared towards benefiting the student body and additional marketing hours that must be completed.  To become a CSUN Senator, Senator Hale and Senator Chung recommend that you be very aware of this position's time commitment.  Candidates need to be ready with ideas that can help benefit the school and have causes they feel passionate about.  It would be best if you also were very proactive.  For example, Senator Hale was recently able to get a resolution passed supporting a policy regarding campus sexual assault.  Senator Hale describes this as a passion project of hers.  She teamed with an Every Voice Matters member at the University of Nevada Reno to enforce specific measures to protect students from campus sexual assault. 

Projects such as this are a part of the landscape of being a Senator; however, everything they do revolves around improving student life.  All three Senators agreed that they were enticed to join senate life because their voices' could have a positive impact at UNLV.  Being a Senator also provides beneficial opportunities and lessons that apply to life outside of UNLV and correlate with the Senators' chosen career paths.