Oct. 22, 2021

While our good wishes must be expressed remotely, the faculty and staff in the Department of Communication Studies want to celebrate your contributions to the department throughout your time with us.

As we all transitioned under unique historical circumstances to remote learning in your final semester, each one of you demonstrated resilience and communicative capacity by adjusting to new learning environments with little notice. We recognize your unique perseverance through this extra-challenging chapter in your academic journey, and yet, as it always has been, the world needs your communication skills now more than ever. 

With new opportunities ahead, and there will be many chapters in your stories, we hope you continue to celebrate this life-altering academic achievement under unique historical circumstances, and we sincerely hope you will stay in touch, particularly with those who mentored you most.

Additionally, congratulations to our M.A. graduates: Camille Morris, Brooke Wolfe, Maneenuch Ziegler, Guadalupe Negrete, Corynn Miller, and Curtis Chamblee.