Dec. 12, 2021

Congratulations to College of Liberal Arts faculty and staff who were honored at the UNLV Faculty Length of Service program Nov. 1. Thank you for your many years of commitment and service to the college, UNLV and the surrounding community.

Russell Hurlburt, Professor, Psychology, 45 years

William Jankowiak, Professor, Anthropology, 30 years

Todd Jones, Professor, Philosophy, 30 years

Dmitri Shalin, Professor, Sociology, 30 years

Douglas Unger, Professor, English, 30 years

Kim Barchard, Professor, Psychology, 20 years

Daniel Benyshek, Professor/Chair, Anthropology, 20 years

Michael Green, Associate Professor, History, 20 years

Karen Harry, Professor, Anthropology, 20 years

Jennifer Keene, Dean/Professor - Sociology, 20 years

Kelly Mays, Associate Professor, English, 20 years

Cheryl Tillotson, Director of Academic Advising, Wilson Advising Center, 20 years

John Tuman, Associate Dean for Faculty/Professor - Political Science, 20 years

Michelle Tusan, Professor, History, 20 years

Sheila Bock, Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies,10 years

Deirdre Clemente, Associate Professor, History, 10 years

Alyssa Crittenden, Associate Professor, Anthropology, 10 years

Rebecca Gill, Associate Professor, Political Science, 10 years