Detail of Justin Favela's Untitled tapestry

Join us on Saturday, July 20th for hands-on activities, storytime, and more. Free. All ages welcome. (Detail of Justin Favela's Untitled work in Sorry for the Mess. Photo credit: Josh Hawkins) 

Installation view of Ramiro Gomez's artwork made out of cardboard and paint

Storytime with Sara Ortiz in Ramiro Gomez's, In Justin's Grandma's Living Room, 2019. (Photo by Javier Sanchez) 

May. 23, 2019


The Marjorie Barrick Museum’s Community Art Day returns for 2019. This year our workshops will be inspired by the work of Justin Favela and Ramiro Gomez, two artists who look for new ways to describe their lives using everyday materials. Join us on Saturday, July 20th, 12 - 5 pm for hands-on activities, storytime, and more. Stay a little later for a special screening of the PBS documentary State of the Art featuring Justin Favela.  

Free. All ages welcome. 

Saturday, July 20, 2019, 12 - 5 pm

12 - 5 pm | Plant Making Workshop with Justin Favela
Las Vegas artist Justin Favela shows us how he made the plants in the Marjorie Barrick Museum’s current exhibition, Sorry for the Mess. Design your own “artist plant,” then take it home or add it to the show.

12 - 5 pm | Artist Workshop with Lance L. Smith

Create your own artwork with Las Vegas artist Lance Smith. Smith demonstrates how artists can use art-making to talk about the world they see around them.

Storytime with Sara Ortiz and Friends | On the hour 

Sara Ortiz and friends read a selection of books specially curated for children.  As program manager for the Black Mountain Institute and "The Believer,"  Sara Oritz is an advocate for literacy in Las Vegas and friend of the Barrick Museum of Art!

12 - 5 pm | Make a Mural 

Add your mark to the Sorry for the Mess wall mural in the Barrick lobby. All materials are provided!

12 - 5 pm | Sun Prints with Mikayla Whitmore

Explore the possibilities of photosensitive art paper that lets you draw with sunlight. Local photographer, Mikayla Whitmore will lead the workshop. All materials are provided and you'll be able to take your sun print home!

12 - 5 pm | Make Your Own Art Button with Bobbie Ann Howell 

Local artist, Bobbie Ann Howell will lead an art button-making workshop. All materials are provided and you'll be able to wear your art button home!

12 - 2 pm | Poetry Workshop with Heather Lang-Cassera 

Write a poem inspired by a work of art with Clark County's new Poet Laureate.  

2 - 5 pm | 3D printing with Mike Fong 

Mike Fong demonstrates the innovative technology he used to create 3D prints of Mesoamerican artifacts from the Barrick Museum of Art Collection.

3:30 pm | Music in the Museum 

Experience the electric vibraphone courtesy of Merrick Haji-Sheikh who currently studies jazz performance as a graduate student at UNLV. 

12 - 5 pm | I-Spy

Community Art Day’s popular I-Spy activity is back with a special Sorry for the Mess edition. Small prizes for your detective skills. 

1 - 4 pm | Podcast with UNLV Libraries

The UNLV Libraries invites you into its mobile recording studio. Explore the magic of podcast recording and share your stories of life in Las Vegas.

12 - 5 pm | Screenings of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood 

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, one of the inspirations behind Sorry for the Mess’ friendly, childlike aesthetic, will be screening throughout the event. Free popcorn!

5:30 pm | State of the Art Screening
Justin Favela features in State of the Art, a PBS documentary about seven artists who were chosen by the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art for “a one-of-a-kind exhibition that draws from every region of the US.” The documentary is rated TV-PG. State of the Art is a film from Peabody Award-winning Arkansas filmmakers Craig and Brent Renaud. Funding for State of the Art was provided in part by the Willard and Pat Walker Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Free popcorn!  

Parking and Directions

Parking in all staff, student, and metered spots is FREE on Community Art Day. 

The Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art is easily accessed from the west side of the UNLV campus. Drive east on East Harmon Ave until the road enters the campus and terminates in a parking lot. The Museum will be on your right, next to a desert landscape garden.

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Note: All buildings on the UNLV campus share the same street address, 4505 S. Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV, 89154. To find the Barrick Museum building, use the Google Maps link above.

Exhibitions on View

Our rotating calendar of exhibitions aims to stimulate a deep consideration of the visual arts among visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

East Gallery

Justin Favela and Ramiro Gomez come together for the first time in Sorry for the Mess, an exhibition of new collaborative artwork about labor, childhood memories, and life in Las Vegas. Filling the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art, this installation draws on key themes in the practices of both artists, merging a child’s imaginative experience with the adult realm of work and history. Read more about Sorry for the Mess here. 

Braunstein Gallery

Vessel: Ceramics of Ancient West Mexico explores the relationship between form and function through ancient West Mexican ceramics. The exhibition is organized by shape, and visitors are invited to contemplate how the form of each vessel informs both practical use and communicates ideas of power, identity, and belief. Curated by UNLV alumni and Museum staff, Paige Bockman, M.A. Anthropology 2015.