Assistant geoscience professor Arya Udry was the recipient of an Individual Investigator Award.


Chemist Jun Yong Kang was the recipient of an Innovation Technology Award.

Oct. 22, 2021

College of Sciences faculty were recently named recipients of the 2015 Faculty Opportunity Awards, totaling nearly $125,000.

The Faculty Opportunity Awards, which were created in 2012, were designed to support faculty research with potential for continued external funding and to provide financial support needed to complete significant scholarly/creative works.

This year, a total of 44 proposals were submitted to this highly competitive awards program in three categories: Individual Investigator Award, Innovation Technology Award, and Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research Award. Faculty-led review panels made recommendations, and a selection panel that included members of the CoRE Council and the Research Council had additional input. The Vice President for Research and Economic Development made final recommendations to the President. Twelve are Individual Investigator Awards, one is an Innovation Technology Award, and seven are Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research Awards (six Emerging Area Seed Grants and one Center of Excellence Challenge Grant). Below is a list of the College of Sciences recipients.

Individual Investigator Awards
Jessica Jaynes, Department of Mathematical Sciences  ($15,864)
"A New Class Of Designs: An Orthogonal Array Composite Design, with Applications to Biomedical Research and Fuel Alternatives"

Ai-Sun Tseng, School of Life Sciences ($20,000)
"Establishing a Vertebrate Model for Eye Regeneration"

Philippos Tsourkas, School of Life Sciences ($20,000)
"Comparative Genomic Analysis of Paenibacillus Larvae Phages"

Arya Udry, Department of Geoscience ($19,500)
"Towards a Better Understanding of Magmatic Processes on Mercury Using Aubrite Meteorites"

Innovation Technology Awards
Jun Yong Kang, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry ($20,000)
"Synthesis of Novel Gamma-aminophosphonate for Pharmaceuticals"

Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research Awards — Emerging Areas Seed Grants
"Synthesis and Characterization of Catalysts for the Electrochemical Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Liquid Fuels" ($29,556)

David Hatchett, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Clemens Heske, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Paul Forster, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Balakrishnan Naduvalath, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Laszlo Nemeth, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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