Sep. 5, 2022


Congratulations and welcome to new College of Liberal Arts faculty and staff. 

Department            Name        Title 

Anthropology, Nicholas Barron, Assistant Professor-in-Residence
Anthropology, Gabriela Ore Menendez, Assistant Professor
Anthropology, Alecia Schrenk, Visiting Assistant Professor
BMI, Colette LaBouff, Executive Director 
BMI, Charlotte Wyatt, Associate Director of Programs
Dean’s Office, Anya Casey, Administrative Assistant IV
English, Stephanie Flores, Administrative Assistant III
English, Abigail Kincaid, Lecturer
English, Roberto Lovato, Visiting Assistant Professor
English, Francisco Ortega, Lecturer
English, Aisha Ratanapool, Visiting Lecturer
English, Siddharth Srikanth, Assistant Professor
English, Stacy Wittstock, Assistant Professor-in-Residence/Assistant Director of English Composition
History, John Haberstroh, Assistant Professor-in-Residence
IGES, Laurence Reese, Administrative Assistant III
IGES, Sreshtha Sen, Visiting Assistant Professor
IGES, Valerie Taylor, Assistant Professor-in-Residence
Philosophy, Jesse Fitts, Assistant Professor-in-Residence
Political Science, Andrew Lugg, Assistant Professor
Political Science, Jared Oestman, Assistant Professor
Political Science, Gabriela Wells, Administrative Assistant III
Psychology, Andrea Kayl, Assistant Professor-in-Residence
Psychology, Kara Christensen, Assistant Professor
Psychology, Krystal Kamekona, Visiting Assistant Professor
Psychology, Janell Mihelic, Visiting Assistant Professor
Psychology, Nicole Short, Assistant Professor
Psychology, Joanne Ullman, Assistant Professor-in-Residence
Sociology, Lillian Jungleib, Assistant Professor
Sociology, Josiah Kidwell, Visiting Assistant Professor
Sociology, Lauren Markey, Administrative Assistant III
Sociology, Fatima Suarez, Assistant Professor
Sociology, Chenghui Zhang, Assistant Professor
Wilson Advising, Krystal Alexander, Academic Advisor
Wilson Advising, Haylie Joseph, Academic Advisor
Wilson Advising, Brian Wells, Senior Academic Advisor
World Languages, Daphne Barin, Administrative Assistant III
World Languages, Guillermo Jodra, Assistant Professor-in-Residence
World Languages, Andrew Kauffman, Assistant Professor-in-Residence
World Languages, Alodia Martin-Martinez, Assistant Professor
Writing Center, Andrew Yim, Assistant Director