Dec. 16, 2022


Congratulations to the following College of Liberal Arts faculty and staff members on their many years of dedicated service to the college and UNLV. They were recognized at the UNLV Length of Service Ceremony on Dec. 8.


10 Years

Willy Bauer*

Stephen Benning

Jessica Impallaria

Chris Jensen

Jarret Keene*

Alysse Medina

Miriam Melton Villanueva

Mark Padoongpatt

*Has served more than 10 years, but hasn't received this milestone recognition.


 20 Years

Abigail Aguilar

Stephen Brown

Michelina Ginobbi

Barbara Roth


30 Years

Deborah Arteaga

David Fott

Simon Gottschalk

Chris Heavey


Longest-Serving Faculty

Russell Hurlburt, 46 years