Jul. 9, 2024

Doctoral students navigating the complexities of a mixed methods dissertation are invited to join our supportive community where you can share experiences, insights, and challenges with fellow researchers.

This group aims to foster collaboration and learning among doctoral students at any stage of their mixed methods dissertation journey. Whether you're preparing to pitch your research to your committee, navigating IRB approval, or deep into data collection and analysis, our group offers a platform to exchange valuable knowledge and support.

Commitment: The group will meet monthly for 1½ hours from September to March 2024. Each meeting will include a discussion about your progress in your study and/or research goals, time for Q&A, and discuss any challenges related to your study.

This group will be open to students who also plan to be members of the MMR SIG for the 2025 AERA conference. Participants will need to make several commitments to the group and the MMR SIG.

  • Attend and actively participated in monthly sessions
  • Present your progress at each meeting, with one concluding presentation product to document your journey (e.g. poster, PowerPoint, creative presentation, etc.).

Benefits: Students who actively participate in this group will have the opportunity to be a part of a doctoral student panel at AERA 2025 (pending acceptance) and possible publication to follow as co-authors. Most importantly, you will play a central role in supporting future MMR researchers!

Interested or would like to learn more?
To express your interest in joining this group, fill out this form by July 20, 2024.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more email Monica Johnson at monica.johnson@unlv.edu