Feb. 28, 2022




The Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award recognizes graduate students who have demonstrated strong pedagogical skills and successfully taught at least two complete classes as the instructor of record in the last three years (between Fall 2018 and Fall 2021) within the college. In addition to the honor of the award, the first place winner will receive $750 and the second place entrant will receive $500.

Eligible students should submit applications as a PDF online by Sunday, Mar. 20, 2022. Portfolios should be organized in the following order with each section clearly marked. Incomplete or disorganized portfolios will be eliminated from consideration. Please review the award evaluation rubric when compiling your entry.

  1. Letter of nomination from department chair or appointed supervisor
  2. One letter of recommendation from a student or colleague that addresses the candidate's pedagogical effectiveness, classroom achievements, and abilities as a teacher
  3. Curriculum Vitae, including courses taught in the last three years
  4. One-page statement of the candidate's teaching philosophy
  5. Teaching materials that demonstrate pedagogical excellence from two courses taught at UNLV between Fall 2018 and Fall 2021. Please organize the materials chronologically by course and include:
    • Copies of relevant course outlines/syllabi
    • Samples of course handouts and/or exercises the candidate has developed
    • Any additional materials, not listed above that demonstrate pedagogical excellence
  6. Course evaluation information for or two courses completed between Fall 2018 and Fall 2021 and presented as evidence of distinguished teaching
    • Please submit completed course evaluation forms or a department/unit summary of those forms, including students' narrative comments.

For questions or more information, contact Dr. Peter Wiens.