Jan. 6, 2021
Student - John Pedersen
Year built - Fall 2020
Class - EED 220: Design for Live Entertainment
Project Title - Briefcase Arcade Work time - 40 hours design time, 20 hours cutting time, 15 hours 3d printing, 25 hours assembly time.
Budget - $100
The project assignment was to utilize a provided raspberry pi zero to build some kind of multimedia station. The proposed design was an arcade cabinet in a briefcase form factor that could be a portable system to run retro games with emulators as well as Kodi to play videos, images, and music. The main challenge was getting the arcade style stick and buttons to fit in the relatively short height while remaining comfortable to use; that was accomplished by attaching them by a pivot linked to the lid so the input panel rotated up when opened. The next challenge was automating the opening and closing, that was done by a 5RPM motor driving 3d printing gears and drive links that control the lid. The last challenge was designing the case to fit all of that with locking tabs to be mechanically stable even without glue. It is able to open automatically, supports 1 arcade input, 2 gamepad inputs, and a mini wireless keyboard mouse and a remote for the display. Outputs are a 10.1 inch lcd screen and a pair of speakers built into the sides. In total it turned out great for a first prototype. The next plan for it is to consolidate the power system, upgrade to Pi 4 for better performance, and laminate the exterior with wood veneer and inlays.