Oct. 22, 2021


The Believer Magazine to Discontinue Publication 

The Beverly Rogers, Carol C. Harter Black Mountain Institute (BMI) in the UNLV College of Liberal Arts will stop producing The Believer magazine in spring 2022. The decision is part of a strategic realignment within the college and BMI as it emerges from the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although in print for two decades, the well-respected literary magazine was in BMI and under the umbrella of the college for the past four years and part of BMI’s diverse portfolio of print, electronic, and other programming. 

“This was not an easy decision but a necessary one, unfortunately,” said College of Liberal Arts Dean Jennifer Keene. “The Believer consumed a significant portion of BMI’s resources. After reviewing the data with internal and external stakeholders, it was clear that there was no path forward to continue publishing the magazine. Print publications in general have been facing increasing headwinds in recent years, which makes them a financially challenging endeavor.”

In addition to the magazine, the College of Liberal Arts operates several programs through BMI, including the Breakout Writers Series, the Literary Oasis Series and a literary festival. Keene also emphasized BMI’s involvement in City of Asylum, a foundational initiative that helps provide safe haven to politically persecuted writers and poets.

“While The Believer is a highly regarded vehicle for both new and established literary voices, we have a responsibility to direct our resources to the initiatives most central to BMI’s mission,” Keene said. “As we focus on its core mission, support for BMI remains strong. We look forward to the continuation of the institute’s vibrant offerings and exceptional literary and community engagement.”
The Believer magazine’s final issue, No. 139, is scheduled for publication in February/March 2022.

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