art + design exhibition in Santiago, Chile featuring UNLV Professor
Oct. 25, 2022


Joshua Vermillion (UNLV Architecture) has five Ai-generated architectural illustrations showcased in an art + design exhibition in Santiago, Chile at the Centro Gabriela Mistral Cultural Centre. Entitled / a r t i f i c i a l /, the show runs through the rest of October and includes work from digital culture theorist Lev Manovich, algorithmic design author Arturo Tedeschi, Zaha Hadid Architects designer Tim Fu, and others from around the globe. This invited show was curated by CityLab.

Pic 1: The show’s promotional poster

Pic 2: One of Vermillion’s prints titled: “Sacred space on the beach, made entirely of driftwood, and backlit by the glowing ocean sunrise”

Vermillion’s work in machine learning, AI, and diffusion models can be seen on his Instagram accounts: @joshuavermillion and @jv.unlv