Jung-Hwa Kim - MOSS-이끼
Oct. 3, 2022

Jung-Hwa Kim (UNLV Architecture Assistant Professor) presents: MOSS-이끼

Creators: Marco Barotti, Keumhwa Kim, Jung-Hwa Kim

Kinetic Sound Sculpture, 2022, Moss, Realtime Air Quality Data, Sound, 100(W)*190(D)*100(H)cm
Documentary Film, 2022, 3 Screens, HD Video, Sound, approx. 03:00-06:30 min each.

The MOSS-이끼 team—its creators Marco Barotti, Keumhwa Kim, and Jung-Hwa Kim—is an interdisciplinary art research group exploring sustainable future strategies. During the ZER01NE Day exhibition—from September 30 to October 3, 2022—the team will present a kinetic sound sculpture using real-time air quality data and mosses from Korea and a documentary film featuring interviews with Korean moss and air quality experts.

Event Title: 2022 ZER01NE DAY

Date: September 30-October 3

Organization: ZER01NE, HyundaiMotor Group

Location: S-Factory D, Seoul, South Korea

Launched by Hyundai Motor Group, ZER01NE is a creative talent & startup accelerating platform to support creators from the fields of art, design, architecture, programming, engineering, and more. ZER01NE 2022’s creative activities centered on five themes and diverse perspectives on future society: Future Mobility, New Territory, Hyper Connected, Meta Humanity, and Sustainability. We present 30 projects that shed new light on current problems or even solve them and explore the possibilities of the future.