Portion of the cover page of the Guide to UNLV Resources for the Community
Feb. 2, 2022


The UNLV Office of Community Engagement, in cooperation with the UNLV Community Engagement Council, is now offering a Guide to UNLV Resources for the Community, which includes information on a wide array of university services, programs, and other offerings available to the public. Compiled with input from council members from the colleges and major administrative units, the guide is currently available online. Please feel free to share the link with others, as this guide is a resource for use by the whole community. If you are aware of additional UNLV offerings for the public, please share them with us at unlvcommunityengagement@unlv.edu.

Readers will find resources listed in 18 categories, including:

  • Medical, Dental, and Mental Health Services
  • The Arts
  • Youth Programs
  • Community Events
  • For Nonprofits, Government, & Business
  • Libraries & Literacy

For more information, contact the UNLV Office of Community Engagement at unlvcommunityengagement@unlv.edu