Oct. 22, 2021

Vaneh Darakjian graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism in 2006. She returned to UNLV to pursue a MBA with a concentration in marketing. She is currently the Director of Communications & Marketing at the UNLV Graduate College. She shared that the biggest takeaways from the Journalism and Media Studies program was the opportunity to collaborate and communicate thoughts and opinions to different audiences.

Tell us about your career path and what you enjoy most about your current role?
"I first interned at a local advertising agency and then with MGM Resorts International. When I graduated, I accepted a full-time Communications Coordinator position at MGM Resorts and eventually became the Internal Communications Manager. After six years, I joined UNLV's law school as a Communications Specialist and was promoted to Associate Director before I moved to UNLV's Graduate College as the Director of Communications and Marketing, which is my current position. What I enjoy the most about my current role is the people I work with -- they are incredibly intelligent, hardworking, passionate, and dedicated to UNLV's graduate students." 

What is the most impactful advice you've received?
"Be kind because you'll never regret it. I find this to be true professionally and personally."

If students are interested in following in your footsteps, what is the best way to proceed?
"Internships are wonderful opportunities to dabble in different things without a long-term commitment, so try to find a few if you can. One of my internships turned into a full-time, long-term job that I loved, so you never know where an internship might lead. Also, don't be afraid to learn new skills -- the more areas you have experience in, the more marketable you are."