Professional headshot of Dr. Sharon Young
May. 11, 2022


Sharon Young graduated from UNLV with a Ph.D. in 2016. Dr. Young is currently an Assistant Professor for the Department of Anthropology at the University of Southern Mississippi. 


On the Spring of 2021 we reached out to our alumni to ask what they were doing after graduating from UNLV with an Anthropology graduate degree. This was the response: 


1. Where are you now? 

My path from UNLV took me to The University of Southern Mississippi (SMTTT!) in Hattiesburg where I work as an assistant professor. The training I had as a graduate student led me to my first professional position building UNLV's Office of Undergraduate Research with Dr. Liam Frink, and before landing at Southern Miss, I also taught anthropology at UCCS and continued my research with Dr. Dan Benyshek in the Nutrition and Reproduction Lab. 


2. Current research/projects?

My research focuses on maternal health and I'm currently investigating women's experiences with complementary and alternative health practices and beliefs about reproductive healthcare, including perceptions about reliable sources of medical information.


3. What do you do for fun or to unwind in these days of COVID?

Relocating to Mississippi has come with new adventures and I've had fun exploring outdoors and visiting nearby cities. Hattiesburg also hosts community events throughout the year which has been a great way to unwind and learn more about our community!