Professional Portrait of Dr. Maryanne Calleja
May. 11, 2022


Maryanne Calleja graduated from UNLV with a Ph.D. in 2020. Dr. Calleja is currently a Forensic Anthropologist for the Defense PO/MIA Accounting Agency.


On the Spring of 2021 we reached out to our alumni to ask what they were doing after graduating from UNLV with an Anthropology graduate degree. This was the response:

1.  Where are you?
I am currently employed at the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency as a Forensic Anthropologist in Honolulu, Hawaii.  I'm lucky to say that I was hired for this position while preparing to defend my dissertation (which almost didn't happen because of COVID!).  
2.  Current research/projects?

I am currently working on the Cabanatuan Project.  This project aims to identify the commingled remains of US soldiers from multiple mass graves at a WWII POW Camp in the Philippines.  
3.  What do you do for fun or to unwind in these days of COVID?

To unwind, I go for walks or runs down to the beach and eat cookies (the former helps me feel less guilty about the latter).  I also love to find free online seminars covering just about every topic.