Selfie of Dr. Hardgrave
May. 10, 2022


Diane Hardgrave graduated from UNLV with a Ph.D. in 2010. Dr. Hardgrave is currently a Distinguished Professor for the College of Southern Nevada.


On the Spring of 2021 we reached out to our alumni to ask what they were doing after graduating from UNLV with an Anthropology graduate degree. This was the response:

1.  Where are you now?

I am a descendant of the Shinnecock and Montaukett Nations and a Distinguished Professor at the College of Southern Nevada. I received my doctorate in medical anthropology from UNLV in 2010. I was Visiting Assistant Professor at Southern Methodist University before returning to Nevada in my current position.
2.  Current research/projects?
In my recent work, I document practices of medical pluralism among indigenous elders and their communities in the American Southwest, Alaska, and New York. I also facilitate mindfulness workshops for students, faculty, and professional organizations in Nevada.
3.  What do you do for fun and to unwind in these days of COVID?
A resident of Henderson, I enjoy astrophotography, writing poetry, and jazz music.